The Semeli Estate is located at an altitude of 600m on the slopes of the hilly Koutsi region, one of Nemea’s most celebrated “crus”. In this unique grape-growing microclimate crop levels are low and fruit and natural acids in positive balance.

Our privately-owned hillside vineyards span 250 acres, while another vineyards are grown by affiliated winegrowers under long-term partnership agreements in Koutsi and the neighboring areas of Asprokampos, Kastraki and Ancient Nemea. This allows for continuous quality control throughout the growing season – an absolute must for consistently producing great wines.

Our primary goal is to fully realize the Nemea vineyard’s potential and support the local economy. Apart from hiring exclusively from the surrounding communities, we also support neighboring growers by either advising them on the cultivation of grapes or by rewarding their efforts to produce high quality grapes through fair pricing.