We care about the environment!

The least possible nuisance but also the protection and promotion of the natural environment, are our basic principles that permeate all our activities, from the production of grapes to the export of our products, and from the provision of wine tourism services to the training of our staff.

Our Winery in Nemea is already carbon neutral. It is our contribution to tackling climate change.

We invest continuously in modern facilities and processes, with an emphasis on energy efficiency. We operate a state-of-the-art cleaning and waste management system for our waste.

We live harmoniously and support society!

At SEMELI we aim at the harmonious coexistence and the development of sustainable economic and social ties with the local communities. Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities expand beyond our core business and are implemented regularly, in collaboration with local public and private bodies, our neighboring communities and the families of our employees.

Our corporate governance is aiming at excellence!

SEMELI’s corporate governance is characterized by strategic thinking and a long-term vision for our industry. We implement modern processes and corporate practices with an emphasis on cultivating a spirit of innovation and continuous improvement at all levels. We show zero tolerance for social discrimination and anti-social behaviors. We seek the continuous development of our human resources and our partners.