In 2003, Semeli built a modern, stylishly designed winery set amidst company-owned vineyards in Koutsi, Corinthia. This state-of-the-art 4,000m² facility, is a benchmark winery at a national level both in terms of innovative layout and excellent services. Designed with respect for the natural environment and built on a vineyard covered hillslope with a long reputation of producing vintage grapes, the Semeli winery reflects our holistic approach to modern winemaking.

Blending traditional values with the latest advances in viticulture, our winery uses a gravity-fed process that takes full advantage of the sloping terrain. From pressing to barreling and then on to bottling, the entire process relies on the force of gravity rather than on mechanical methods that may damage the grape. Moreover, by reducing grape temperature to 7-8˚C prior to crushing and then carefully controlling both temperature and humidity throughout the facility, we are able to minimize oxidation and promote fermentation under ideal conditions.