Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc (100%)
Protected Geographical Indication: Peloponnese
Alcohol: 13%
Appellation: Upland Aegialia
Altitude: 900m

Tasting notes:


Golden-green color.


Intense aromas of citrus blossoms, white-yellow fruits such as peaches and apricots
and herby, mainly peppery, notes.


Vibrant and fruity palate with pronounced acidity, that brings out the variety's full potential
in high altitude vineyards.

Production process: Pre-fermentation cold maceration, followed by traditional white vinification.
Serving Temperature: 8-11°C in a medium size wine glass.
Cellar Ageing. Best enjoyed fresh.
Food pairing Shellfish, grilled octopus and calamari, light fish and seafood dishes, shrimp or vegetable risotto, grilled vegetables, roast chicken, traditional Greek dishes with white sauces, rich salads sprinkled with herbs or fruit and fresh cheeses.